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The picturesque cosmopolitan village of Neas Irakleitsas is located 10 km west of Kavala, 135 kilometers from the airport “Macedonia” of Thessaloniki and within 100 meters from the blue flag beach of Neas Irakleitsas. A stunning beach,the visitor can enjoy the summer holidays between lively and fully organized beach bars and a quiet deserted beaches.

Wherever you go, you will find crystal-clear waters! You will enjoy swimming in azure waters, stroll the sandy beach along with beach tennis or beach volleyball, walks on the seafront. Responsible school provides services to snorkelers, and the “red rocks” offer more than 90 rock climbing for all levels of difficulty and offer a unique experience allowing with a rare feeling a and see below the sea!

Two large super markets are just a stone’s throw and offer local products of high-quality, and the ones you usually prefer.


Road:10km from Kavala, 135km from Thessaloniki, 209km from Gevgelja, 132km from Kulata, 124km from Gotse Delchev, 131km from Zlatograd, 150km from Kardjali, 333km from Svilengrad, 215km from Ipsala.

37km from Kavala Airport.